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It’s not an easy task to forget someone who gratified your heart with delight and wouldn’t let you feel the hollowness in life. That is how a mother voices her love to her children. One summer time, guests came to visit the optimum resort in the town of Pagudpud, Villa Carlina Resort. One of the guests got curious and asks the manager something behind that Resort.


And this is where it all began.


50 years ago, Gerardo Edu Sr. and his lovely partner Carlina Tabios Edu bought an extensive land neighboring Municipal Beach Park (Boracay of the North). It was uninhabited from the time they procured it, so, the children of the buyer at a very premature age come up into a pronouncement with willpower to build a source of their income when they conclude their studies in the future. Unfortunately, Carlina, the mother of six young’uns, three ladies namely Wilma Edu Espiritu, Marieta Edu Butay and Susan Edu Dacanay and three gentlemen namely, Wilmer T. Edu, Roy T. Edu and Gerardo T. Edu departed her life with a colon cancer way back in 1992. It was an out of the blue for all of them that they just about failed to recall what they had just envisaged.


A few years have disappeared, all of them efficaciously graduated and got to be called as professionals in their own fields, and they all serve as the owner of the said resort. While being busy in their own field of proficiency, one thing came up into their mind and that is to visit their lifeless mother. This may possibly be an extra moment in time to say hello to their younger/older brothers and sisters for a reason that it took them a couple of years to wait for that time to come home and see each other again.


While missing loads of jovial jiffies with their younger/ older brothers and sisters, they call to mind what they had just fantasized way back in their fledging years of living. To fabricate their desired resort. So as a sign of love to their cherished mother, they have chosen to name the resort after her Villa “Carlina” Resort, not because for their own sake but for a purpose that they wanted to bring back the love that she had for her children, the detriments, and the life that she had given them. They will put their mother back to life through that resort. As Gerardo Jr. said:


Toy resort ket kasla ni mama. Inpatakdder mi detoy para kanyana gapu ta kayat mi lang nga isubli dagitay panagay ayat ken panangalaga na kanyami idi ubbing kami inggana idi pimmanaw isuna.”


Which translates to:


This resort is like our Mother. We built this resort for her because we wanted to remember the love that she had for us and the way she cared for us back when we were just kids until she passed away.


From the appellation of the resort up to the manner it is written was a brainstorm from their mother. The “DOVE” which connotes their mothers existence from up above to guard them. And the “Half Moon” or “Semi Circle” epitomizes its sincerity to soar high.


Two years have gone, and Villa Carlina Resort is indeed an extremely trendy resort, not only in coast-to-coast but intercontinental. It is the only resort in Pagudpud which compromises a Japanese form of living. Yet, this generates Villa Carlina Resort the “Success” of their business.

It is such a very tough event to lose someone in your life especially your mother, yet, without an experience you cannot construct a concept on how to make something or to even ask yourself what to do.


It is where the story concludes.


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